Highest Standards

Customers of RONACHER ZT GmbH have the guarantee that the standards selected by customer request are exactly adhered to. The following standards are currently available.


Eurocodes are Europe-wide unified measurement regulations in construction and were elaborated by scientists and engineers, users and practicing parties – like the DIN-standards. The Eurocodes are subdivided, in addition, there is a national appendix for each country.

Eurocode 0-9 are defined as follows:

  • Basis of supporting framework planning
  • Effects on supporting framework
  • Measurement and construction of steel concrete and pre-stressed concrete supporting frameworks
  • Measurement and construction of steel constructions
  • Measurement and construction of composite frameworks of steel and concrete
  • Measurement and construction of wood constructions
  • Measurement and construction of wall constructions
  • Design, calculation and measurement in geotechnology
  • Planning of buildings against earthquakes
  • Calculation and measurement of aluminium constructions

The Europe-wide standardization is intended to provide the following advantages:

  • Europe-wide unified design criteria
  • Harmonisation of nationally different regulations
  • Unified basis for research & development
  • Easier exchange of services and products in building engineering
  • Easier Europe-wide invitations for proposals of construction services


The Deutsche Institut für Normung e. V. (German Institute for standardisation, in short DIN) is the national standardisation organisation of the Federal Republic of Germany. The association of German engineers (VDI) is the largest association of engineers and scientists in Germany. The international organisation for standardisation (abbr. ISO) elaborates international standards in all areas.


The Austrian standardisation institute is a non-profit impartial standardization institute for the creation of standards in Austria. It creates ÖNORM and ON-regulations based on the standardization law.


The Swiss engineer and architect association (SIA) unifies certified and qualified specialists from the areas construction, technology, industry, and environment as main professional association.


Architecturally relevant standards of the Spanish UNE Institute.


Quality label of the Association française de normalisation (AFNOR), the official French office for standardisation. It is member of the ISO and the European committee for standardisation.


British Standards is the new name for the British Standards Institution (BSI) and  part of the BSI-group.


The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is the American office for the standardisation of industrial processes. It is member in the international organisation for standardisation (ISO).