Below a short photo documentation about realized projects without claim for completeness.

Please also read the description of individual projects:

SAG Richtfunkmast

SAG Microwave radio relay pole

his very deformation resistant microwave radio relay pole is used by the pole owner as well as by very many mobile telephony providers; this unit was re-constructed several times in order to meet the radio technical needs of the individual users. The pole is located in an extreme position and was statically designed for this situation.
Customer: Mobile telephony provider

Architekturprojekt mit Schüttbetonmauer

Architecture project with cast concrete wall

Instead of a natural stone panelling a cast concrete wall was selected with white-yellow up to 60mm large Omnia-grains; manufacture with injection process..

Tragstruktur einer Liftanlage Fa. Teccon Doppelmayr

Supporting framework structure of a Doppelmayr-lift unit

Optimised construction framework structure for a lift unit in steel and steel concrete construction; the individual components were designed for adequate transport into an extreme location.
Customer: Company Teccon

Detaillierte Tragstruktur einer Liftanlage Fa.Teccon Doppelmayr

Detailed supporting framework structure of a lift unit company Teccon Doppelmayr

Liftanlage im Finalzustand Fa.Teccon Doppelmayr

Lift unit in final condition Company Teccon Doppelmayr

Fussgängerbrücke Spittal Nord als Stahlfachwerkbrücke - Low-cost-Variante

Pedestrian bridge Spittal Nord as steel framework bridge – Low-cost-version

Fussgängerbrücke Spittal Nord - Innenansicht

Pedestrian bridge Spittal Nord – Inside view

HKW Salzburg Nord - Industriebau

HKW Salzburg North – Industrial construction

HTL Ferlach Tragwerksplanung für den Stahlbetonbau

HTL Ferlach Supporting framework planning for the steel concrete construction

Supporting framework planning for the steel concrete construction and steel construction.
Customer: BIG

Hallenzubau Fa. Teccon

Hall extension

Stahlkonstruktion als Fachwerkkonstruktion mit unterspannten Sekundärträgern.
Auftraggeber: Fa. Teccon

Hallenzubau Fa. Teccon - Detail

Hall extension company Teccon – Detail

Kesselhaus Fenne IV - Bausituation vor hängendem Kesseleinbau

Kesselhaus Fenne IV – Construction situation prior to hanging boiler installation

Kesselhaus Fenne IV
120m high boiler house in St52 with maximum loads up to 3000to.
Customer: Dt. Babcock

Kesselhausstütze Fenne IV - 440MW-Block

Boiler house support Fenne IV – 440MW-Block

Liftanlage Bergstation in der Montagephase Fa. Teccon

Lift unit mountain station in the assembly phase Company Teccon

Tragstruktur einer Waschanlage Fa. Teccon

Supporting structure of a washing plant Company Teccon

Mobile washing plant
Supporting structure of a mobile washing unit for military use in the Balkan region.
Customer: Teccon

Mobile Waschanlage Fa. Teccon

Mobile washing unit Company Teccon

Pyramide im See als Tourismusprojekt - kaerntenkult

Pyramid in the sea as tourism project – kaerntenkult

Pyramid in the sea
Steel supporting structure pyramid-shaped supporting grid in the sea directly mounted on poles. The object is panelled with glass and a lightweight wood roof and therefore useable throughout the year as a tourism project; the exterior open areas without roof are floating devices.
Customer: kaerntenk

Zugangssteg Liftanlage Doppelmayr als Hohlkasten Fa. Teccon

Access jetty lift unit Doppelmayr as box beam Company Teccon

Access jetty Doppelmayr-Lift unit
Due to the special construction situation a torsion resistant box beam made of steel was installed; in order to minimize constraining forces a bearing towards static specifications was strived for.
Customer: Company Teccon

Zugangssteg Liftanlage Doppelmayr als Hohlkastenkonstruktion Fa. Teccon

Access jetty lift unit Doppelmayr as box beam construction Company Teccon