Pellet tower

Supporting framework design incl. statics for a pellet tower (production for wood pellets).

The mechanical equipment is aligned such that the production is done vertically from the top towards the bottom.

A mechanical tower unit statically consists of two coupled steel framework towers; delivery is done including complete mechanical equipment as one building component. After positioning at the special foundation production can be started immediately after connection to power and water.

The tower construction was not designed as single construction for one building situation, but as a project for serial production. These tower units can also be aligned in series in order to be able to produce larger production quantities according to the wish of the end customer.

Customer: CompanyTECCON

Tragstruktur vor dem Einbringen der maschinellen Ausrüstung
Fully installed pellet tower unit "ready for production"
Fully installed pellet tower unit “ready for production”