DENOX Reactor

A DENOX reactor including the associated flue gas channels is necessary in the chain of flue gas cleaning unit to denox the caloric large power station Heyden 4/Hanover. The medium shows 450°C temperature and is abrasive.

Heat-resistant steels (HII and 15Mo3) were used. The reactor has four DENOX-levels with HITACHI-catalysers;  a folded structure was realized in the ground plan. The entire unit is isolated.

Customer: Kohlegasnordrhein

Channel on top of the DENOX-reactorChannel on top of the DENOX-reactor with integrated conducting sheets – during assembly phase
Stahlkompensator im RGR-KanalSteel compensator in the RGR-channelSteel compensator in the RGR-channel prior to installation
Symmetrisch angeordnete DENOX-Reaktoren von oben gesehenSymmetrically aligned DENOX-reactors birds eye viewSymmetrically aligned DENOX-reactors birds eye view – mirror-image equal construction - during the assembly phase.

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